Hey, I'm Jewell donaldson*

*actually not. 

what is this and who are you?

I'm Jewell.  I'm a freelance copywriter by trade and Flagrant Creative is how I hustle and how I give back. I have worked in the advertising sector for over 4 years creating award winning campaigns for companies that spend a lot of money persuading you to buy their shit. When I decided to leave the cozy bosom of a full-time agency gig and go dolo, I had an interesting insight;

people hate writing about themselves.
as a result, they generally suck at it.

It was pretty clear  from all the branding work I've done that knowing who and what you can offer is key in communicating your wants and getting your needs.

So, I decided to help the peoples with their problems. Humble bragging  in a couple lines or 280 characters is my fukn superpower! (Well maybe not so humble there, but you get my point.)  What I've spent years honing for corporate identities, I'm offering  to YOU for a nominal fee. You're so very welcome! 

My process is simple. My prices are fair. My product is pretty.

Holla at me to learn more about getting a Flagrant Creative bio.