this is your face

When someone says, "send me your bio" and you shole ain't got one, but you know you need one. 


"listing stuff you like ≠ bio"

— Flagrant Creative


Want to overthink your life's decisions while crumbling into an insecure mass of forgotten dreams?--write a bio. It can get awkward. Painful, even. It's just not easy to write about ourselves:

How much do I include? Do I have to add some quirky fact? Is this really my life? Am I funny? grandiose? humble? Emojis are appropriate, right? Why is this even necessary!!! Maybe I can stitch something together decent, but... like the great prophet Whitney Houston said, "how will I know?" 

So, if you've ever thought, "I'd much rather someone else write this bio/profile/intro/description about me", you should thank whatever divinity you're into, because that's exactly what I do.  


"Wandering 3rd person narrative are for interns and porn stars."

— Flagrant Creative

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stunt on 'em

Stepping into your Glow Up requires trust, chance, and a little bit of foolhardiness. Staying within the lines is good… if you draw them yourself.

So, you write bios?

Yes. And about sections. Intros. Profiles.  Basically anything that has to do with you and your person in written format that faces the outside world, I write. 


How tho?

You will send me your current bio/intro/profile/about.   I analyze. I will send you a questionnaire. You complete. Within 3-5 biz days, you'll have a shiny new bio-thingy. 

Who hires you?

Literally any and every one who is honest enough to know that they are not the best at writing about themselves and care enough to trust a professional. 

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Flagrancy demands attention. Flagrancy is brazen, overt and shameless.  This is the approach  to make you appear fresher on paper than any other mothersucka with a typeface. 


"Drake lyrics have no place in your bio. That ain't God's Plan."

— Flagrant Creative




Doing dope things is  simply how FLAGRANT CREATIVE gets down. With the drive of early Kanye and the social clairvoyance of a Kardashian, I'm all about your about section.  


I write bios for: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Personal websites, Business websites (literally any thing that requires an about section)  Hey, I'll even write some sexy lines for your OKCupid, POF, Tinder, Bumble profile or whatever because everyone love peaches and eggplants.  So, you down?